Features & Benefits

Save Time, Money, and the Environment

We use only 100% recyclable paper cups and encourage the use of ceramic mugs. By delivering high-quality coffee in bulk, we have eliminated using individual packaging. Used coffee grounds are 100% recycable and can be used as compost. We are 100% eco-friendly - we do not use plastic cups, stir sticks, or K-cup-style pods. Being environmentally conscious, we are proud of making the better choice in coffee service by eliminating non-recyclable coffee pods

We pride ourselves on only using high-end organic, sole source, fair trade Arabica coffee beans. We use pure filtered water - no tap water and no chemicals.

Our systems are self-contained - all materials and ingredients are secured inside our cabinet - and self-cleaning - no mess, no worries. They provide the exact amount of coffee, cream, and sugar every time with zero waste. Gone are the days of paper filters, aluminum cups, pods, and pouches - our systems produce virtually no trash.

Our value proposition is simple - deliver high-end gourmet coffee at the push of a button.


Ease of Use

  • Authentic Bianchi Italian barista equipment in your office
  • Choose from 3 size machines
  • No contracts or cancellation fees
  • Locally roasted, fair–trade, organic coffee
  • Just-in-time delivery means no storage needed
  • Weekly cleaning and maintenance included
  • No staff time spent cleaning up or on daily coffee runs
  • A gourmet coffee experience for your office
  • A socially responsible, environmentally-friendly solution


Better Quality Coffee = Increased Staff + Customer Morale

Happy Staff + Customers = Productivity + Satisfaction

Productivity + Satisfaction = Savings + Sales


Products & Services

125 M

  • Perfect for small business locations
  • Sleek design featuring a back-lit panel for extended branding opportunities
  • 7” touch screen selection panel with 8 customization push buttons that offer an excellent communication space to run promotional images
  • The 125 M was developed for a plumbed water source
  • The base cabinet has a built-in storage compartment for cups
  • It can serve approximately 90 cups of espresso based product before refilling is required


325 M

  • The most popular of our automatic espresso systems and also the most flexible in its usability
  • Designed for small office spaces and staff rooms as well as larger volume restaurants
  • The 325 M can be installed as a table top or cabinet-based model and either plumbed or can use its 5 gallon internal filtered water source, making it a completely stand-alone system
  • Tactile selection panel with 12 push buttons that can be configured both as selections or pre-selections
  • It can serve approximately 150 cups


525 M

  • Developed for medium to high volume businesses who require a combination of invoicing and/or direct payment options
  • The "Ferrari" of super automatic espresso systems!
  • The 525 M features either a plumbed or internal refillable tank, internal cup drop, and mug capabilities. Additional variety of dispensed products and drinks
  • Has money and credit card acceptance vend capabilities, perfect for accounts looking for full feature capabilities
  • Features a 12 button alphanumeric keypad, customization of sugar dispensing, and end selection acoustic signal
  • It features a high-definition monitor that creates promotional value for clients by way of full video or slide-show technology
  • It can serve approximately 220 cups of espresso based product before refilling is required